​RECIPE: Strawberry & Hazelnut Meringue Cake

This fruity dessert is best enjoyed outside in the sunshine. Sweet strawberries, nutty meringue and vanilla cream are the ultimate summer combination. If you like, tumble other types of berries over the top. ​​Preparation time:20 minutes Cooking time:45 minutes Total time:1 hour 5 minutes Serves: 10

100g blanched hazelnuts 
Sunflower oil, for greasing 
150g caster sugar, plus an extra 2 tbsp 
3 British Blacktail Free Range Large Egg whites 
Pinch salt 
½ tsp white wine vinegar 
170ml tub double cream 
½ tsp vanilla bean paste 
170g Greek-style natural yogurt
400g pack Waitrose & Partners Strawberries, hulled and sliced

Author: minervadigi