NAIL HEALTH: 8 Nail Hacks To Prevent Breakage

Nail health can feel like an impossible task with everyday activities weakening the strength of your nails. Between outside aggressors and the addictive nail salon cycle of appointments both contributing to brittle nails, it can feel like restoring your nails to full health is not on the cards.

1. Don’t bite your nails or cuticles!

By biting your nails and your cuticles you will damage the skin around your nails, causing small cuts. These cuts willincrease the chance of infections, reducing the strength of your nails.

2. A base coat is your best friend.

Whether you’re wearing polish or just want your natural nails out, by applying a base coat it will help the strength of your nails. The polish will make your nails thicker, meaning they are less easily broken. You can also try a nail strengthener to help this some more.

3. Avoid acetone!

Acetone is a harsh acid, which will weaken your nails.A study has shown that using acetone affects your nails pH which then damages the nail plates. By damaging the nail plates, they are more likely to splinter and break. So,when removing polish opt for anacetone-free formula.

4. Eat your greens.

Yes, you heard right. Eating vegetables that contain Biotin will strengthen and lengthen your nails. Biotin has proven to be one of the best vitamins for nail health. By caring for the inside of your body, you are also caring for your nails and skin!

5. Keep your nails in shape.

That’s correct, the more you care for your nails, the more they care for you! When shaping your nails ensure you use a ‘soft’ nail file, and carefully use it, simply going back and forth will only splinter your nails more. Ensure you start fromthe outside edge; this will allow a smooth finish and reduce breakage.

6. Let someone else do the washing up… no, seriously.

The chemicals in washing up liquid will soften your nails, making them more likely to break. When your nails are submerged in water they swell, when out of water they shrink. If your nails are constantly submerged in soapy water, it will dry out your nails, making them weaker.

7. Give your nails a skincare routine.

Studies have shown that if you regularly apply cuticle oil, or nail cream, to your nails it will promote nail health and prevent breakage. Folic acid can be found in many of these oils and has shown to help repair the cells that make up nails.

8. Take a collagen supplement

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