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After a stay in hospital, it’s wonderful to hear the words “you can go home”. But if your physical needs have changed, it’s important that you can live at home safely and without any struggle. This might mean organising equipment or renovations before you come home…

At AHM Installations we are used to installing bathrooms for people coming home from hospital. 

One of our customers, Mr Simpson, 86, unexpectedly went into hospital with Covid-19 last year. There he also had pneumonia, a superbug and a stroke and was in hospital for 7 weeks. “There was a lot of prayer,” his wife Mrs Simpson, 82, told us.  

Mr Simpson had been due to have a low-level shower installed but when he was ready to come home from hospital, the carers said that the new shower tray wouldn’t work. They needed a wetroom to make sure the new wheelchair could manoeuvre into and around the bathroom. 

Mrs Simpson said: “Every time I called Nichola (at AHM) to let her know what was happening, she was so good about it. She was so calm and accommodating. I felt very comfortable all the way through.” 

Here’s our guide to getting your bathroom ready for your return: 

Take note of what the professionals say.
A doctor, nurse or occupational therapist may recommend what activities you need help with. For example, if you need a walking frame or wheelchair to move around, we’d need to know what size it is.

Know the difference between independent and assisted bathing.
If your goal is to remain independent, we’d need to know whether you can sit down and stand up unaided for example, and how your mobility is likely to change over time. If a carer is going to assist you then products such as bath-lifts may need to be considered. 

Ask a family member or close friend to help.
Take the pressure off the decision making and involve someone you trust. If the style of toilet or tiles is crucial for you, make sure they know about it in advance.

Use a bathroom company you can trust.
Some companies focus on selling bathroom products without understanding your preferences and needs. At AHM our priority is quality of life. There’s no point having a product unless it makes things safer and easier for you.

AHM has installed thousands of accessible bathrooms over the last 20 years, so we know how to make bathrooms safe and stylish whatever your budget. We believe everyone should have access to safe, affordable bathing.

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