HOUSE & HOME: Bathroom Renovations to Save Money & Water

How to make Spring/Summer Bathroom Renovations with Water Saving in Mind

Did you know you could save around £400 simply by swapping your shower handset? It’s a great option if you’re looking to enhance your shower experience without undergoing a full-scale bathroom renovation.

An easy smart swap, a shower handset can be easily added to your bathroom in just 5 minutes without any tools.

A global manufacturer of beautiful, innovative and award-winning showers, taps and valves and holder of three of six worldwide patents for showering technology, Methven showerheads provide performance without compromise.  

Methven is committed to conserving energy and water to protect the planet for generations to come with its innovative technologies which deliver an invigorating showering experience whilst using less water.

Emma Foster, Head of Marketing & Product at Methven UK, shares her insights on renovating with water saving in mind:

“The shower is without a doubt one of the most used items in the home, with multiple people using it at least once a day, so it is important that it offers you and your family an invigorating experience.

“It is a common misconception that you need to replace the whole shower to enhance the performance, when in fact, you can simply replace your existing shower head to reinvigorate your showering experience, which is cost-effective and easy to-do.

Our shower heads are designed to reduce water usage, leading to lower gas consumption for heating. A Methven shower head which operates at 6 litres per minute, can therefore help a family of four save approximately £400 plus per year on their energy bills.

“As water bills increase in homes across the country, now is the ideal time for people to pay closer attention to their household water usage and look at different ways to save water, and the bathroom is the ideal room to focus on.

“Households in the UK with a bath and shower, with unrestricted fixtures and appliances, use a staggering 147.75 litres of water per person, per day on average. With a standard shower operating at 15 litres of water per minute, a 6-minute shower uses as much as 90 litres.  

“A simple, yet highly effective way to help reduce your water consumption is to replace your existing shower handset. The Aurajet Aio handset from Methven, for example is optimised to 8/litres per minute. The handset also features patented Aurajet® technology for a powerful, full-bodied spray, providing up to 20% more spray coverage*, while helping to reduce water consumption and bills.

“At Methven, we’re committed to helping the nation save money and water and have recently introduced a handy Water Savings Calculator tool to give an energy and cost saving calculation based on a household’s personal usage.” 

*Compared to a conventional Methven handset 

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