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This month we asked Adrian, founder of Buy To Let Hunter, if he is still able to get a great deal for his clients who are looking to invest in property…

We can see that house prices are clearly rising. The South East is currently increasing at a rate of 7.9% annually, which is actually ranking relatively low on the official countrywide chart – some areas have seen a 14% annual growth. The places we are sourcing for our clients are seeing 4-5% growth, which, we feel, is a good rate without creating a possible bubble. Slow and steady!

What about the potential oversupply of property and backlash as the market inevitably adjusts?

These areas we are buying in are generally protected against that, so while corrections might be possible in the market in general they are unlikely – or, I think, at the very least minimal – in the right parts of the South East. I am sure that our instincts will prove correct, and I am quietly confident this gradual growth will continue and remain sustainable.

Are people’s pandemic fears impacting travel and bookings for the “serviced accommodation” and holiday lets this summer?

As lockdown starts to ease, we are thrilled to report that May has seen the highest occupancy so far this year: an astonishing 99.1%. We have also noted that the market is supporting slightly higher rental rates as well, so we are gently increasing ours in line with this trend. We have already seen a 10% increase and it’s continuing to go up in June. As suspected, the boom for “staycations” is well established and our holiday home rates for the summer season are through the roof.

What is it that makes Buy To Let Hunter so different?

I do think we are offering an unusual and varied product – we can answer so many of the questions our client’s may have about what to buy and where, and also recommend a short-term or serviced let, something flexible or a dedicated holiday home. We guide our clients all the way through the process, either because they have no knowledge about the industry or because they are too busy to be involved themselves – our clients can really make money from an investment property with very little prior knowledge about real estate or a great deal of personal effort – they can be as involved or not as they choose. 

We have a streamlined system established to arrange any maintenance, decoration and furnishing and a team who really care about you and your guests who will manage your properties. We are a great combination of old-fashioned values and long-serving, mature staff service married to whizzy technology, all in a friendly package – happy clients, happy guests, happy staff  – everyone’s a winner!

How are the projected returns for the serviced accommodation market?

While property prices have increased, we are still maintaining a healthy 10% ROI for our serviced accommodation clients. Finding the right properties may be harder, I am definitely having to work harder, but negotiating the right purchase prices is still possible. Nationally, 30% of real estate deals fall through; however with our no nonsense approach, BTLH has a better than 90% completion rate on properties at the moment – proving that great buyers are as important as a great price.

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