MOTORING: Nation’s Favourite Classic Cars

You simply can’t beat a classic car, can you? Today’s models might be jam-packed with some of the most exciting new tech around, but the charm of a classic motor will really set you apart. From retro design influences to vintage engines and interiors, a retro car simply oozes class. 

But which is the nation’s favourite? Is it the Aston Martin DB5, James Bond’s wheels of choice? Is it the Lamborghini Countach, which famously featured in The Wolf of Wall Street? The vehicle finance experts at Anglo Scottish Finance have used Google’s Keyword Planner to discover how many Brits are searching for classic car models, to find out which is the nation’s favourite classic car! 

Car Model Monthly Searches 
Porsche 91160,500
BMW E3027,100
Jaguar E-Type22,200
Ford Escort22,200
Lamborghini Countach22,200
Reliant Robin18,100
Aston Martin DB514,800
Volkswagen Beetle 14,800

Porsche 911

One of the greatest cars ever made, Porsche’s 911 is a feat of German engineering and design mastery. Despite constantly improving and enhancing the car’s performance, not much has changed from a design standpoint since the car was introduced to the market almost 60 years ago in 1964. 

The one millionth 911 was manufactured in 2017, and was voted fifth in a 1999 poll of the Car of the Century. A whopping 60,500 people in the UK search for “Porsche 911” every month, making it far and away the nation’s favourite classic car. 

However, the fact that the 911 is still in production – whilst a testament to the car’s brilliance – makes it hard to understand whether the vintage or modern models are driving such a high level of interest. 


The second-gen model of BMW’s 3 Series line, the E30 was manufactured between 1982 and 1994, and has become a ubiquitous symbol of car design elitism in the late 80s and early 90s. The E30 is generally seen as an improvement on its well-received predecessor, the E21. 

American rapper Tyler the Creator and singer Frank Ocean have helped bring the E30 back into the public eye in recent years, owning custom cream and orange models respectively. In the UK, there are 27,100 monthly searches for “BMW E30” – and another 5,400 monthly searches for “BMW E30 for sale,” so you could be in for a tough time if you’re looking to buy. 

Jaguar E-Type 

What comes to mind when you think of a classic car? The Jaguar E-Type has to be a contender. Manufactured between 1961 and 1974, the E-Type was based on the Jaguar D-Type, which triumphed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans for three years in a row. 

Ranked number one in the Telegraph’s list of the 100 most beautiful cars of all time, and featuring in Austin Powers and Mad Men, the E-Type’s style is ubiquitous. And, with a whopping 22,200 people in the UK searching for one every month, it’s safe to say it’s our nation’s favourite classic car. 

Ford Escort

Right up alongside the E-Type is the Ford Escort, the predecessor to the Ford Focus. Frequently named Britain’s best-selling car throughout the 80s and 90s, the Ford Escort has aged beautifully. Marketed as a family car, the Escort also boasted real motorsport pedigree – the rear-wheel drive Escort RS1800 was one of the most successful rally cars ever. 

According to data from Google’s Keyword Planner, 22,200 people are searching for “Ford Escort” every month – an 83% increase compared to last year! If you’ve got a vintage Ford Escort gathering dust in your garage, now could be the time to sell up! 

Lamborghini Countach 

One of the most iconic cars of all time, the Lamborghini Countach was the successor to the iconic Miura, and helped establish the Italian car manufacturer as King of the Avant-Garde. The Countach popularised sharp angles in supercar design, and became known as the pioneer of the “Italian Wedge” shape. 22,200 people are searching for “Lamborghini Countach” every month in the UK! 

You might recognise the Countach from Martin Scorcese’s 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street, where Leo DiCaprio crashed one after a drug-fuelled bender. Car lovers, look away now: to be as realistic as possible, Scorcese insisted on crashing a real Countach – worth about $563,000! 

Reliant Robin 

It’s a little… ahem… different to most of the other cars on this list, but the quaint charm of a Reliant Robin means that it’s one of our nation’s favourite vintage cars! Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of Only Fools and Horses or the lasting impact of Top Gear sending one into space in 2007. Maybe it’s simply the novelty factor that three-wheeled cars ever existed. 

Either way, a massive 18,100 people are searching for “Reliant Robin” every month in the UK, so there’s clearly still significant interest in these cars!

Classic Car

Aston Martin DB5

Best-known for its role in the James Bond franchise, it’s no surprise that the Aston Martin DB5 is so popular amongst UK motorists. First driven in 1964’s Goldfinger, the car was originally produced from 1963-1965. 14,800 people in the UK are searching for “Aston Martin DB5” every month! 

As part of the Continuation programme, Aston Martin released 25 real life Bond-themed DB5s, complete with functional spy gadgets. Each one would sell for £2.75m – a bit on the pricey side! 

Volkswagen Beetle 

Unlike many of the other cars on this list, the VW Beetle remains famous for its look and design, rather than what’s under the bonnet. First manufactured as early as 1938, the Beetle remained in production until 2003, having featured as Herbie in the Disney series of movies. 

14,800 people are searching for “Volkswagen Beetle” every month in the UK, making it the eighth-most popular vintage car in this list! 

Dan Reavley, Head of Vehicle Finance at Anglo Scottish, comments: “In the UK, there’s a great demand for vintage and classic cars. There’s no doubting the head-turning prestige of some of the cars on this list – and some of them might be more affordable than you think!”

Feature courtesy of Anglo Scottish Finance

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