EDUCATION: LEX takes centre stage at Clayesmore…

When a school has been educating young minds for 125 years it may be assumed that they have all the tools in the box to do the job. At Clayesmore, however, that toolbox has a new and very exciting addition – the LEX programme.

Named after the school’s founder, Lex Devine, LEX is a vibrant weekend programme of exploration, excursions and experiences designed to be memorable and transformative.

The programme is based around five ‘pillars’:

The Great Outdoors

Arts, Creativity & Culture

Enterprise & Employability

Academic Extension

Service & Leadership

Students will be challenged to engage with each and all of these, developing areas of interest, finding new passions and having the opportunity to benefit from each pillar in their own unique way. Some may demand an ongoing commitment with certification at the end of the programme, others a short and fun taster session designed to ignite an interest or foster and develop an existing skill.

Weekends will be free of the traditional classroom- based learning, boarders will benefit from more active, social and varied weekends and day pupils will benefit from greater flexibility with regard to weekend commitments.

Some of the specialist expeditions, trips and tours will run across the whole weekend but most activities will take place on Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon (including sport and games) or Sundays. Sunday activities will be predominantly for boarders, but day pupils will be very welcome to join in too.

LEX programmes are selected by interest and ability rather than limited by age, unless restrictions apply (eg for health and safety reasons). In addition, there will be a regular timetable of talks, experiences and social opportunities for parents to get involved in the Clayesmore community and get to know each other better, too!

The Head and staff of Clayesmore are extremely excited to be able to bring this initiative to fruition in September and look forward to an inspiring and challenging academic year ahead.

Minerva Studio
Author: Minerva Studio