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Duke of Kent School GCSE Results Review 2020

The Year 11 pupils of 2020 celebrated a brilliant set of GCSE results. There were some excellent individual performances with 62% of pupils gaining grades 7-9 (A-A*) in all of their GCSEs. We are equally proud of all the students who have worked tirelessly during their school career to achieve such an outstanding set of grades. The effort and determination of our pupils has resulted in 97% of all pupil grades being above a Grade 5. This is incredible in an inclusive setting such as ours. Despite the problems created by COVID-19 we are delighted that our outstanding standards have been maintained and strengthened in many departments.

There was some concern nationally that the results would be reduced due to the guidelines introduced by the exams regulator Ofqual. It is worth noting that the Duke of Kent School adhered rigorously to the regulations outlined by Ofqual in the calculation of Centre Assessed Grades. As part of the standardisation process, the School was required to take into account historical performance data, in order to determine the proportion of students who achieved each grade in previous years. This means that the individual grades that were proposed by subject teachers may have been adjusted upwards or downwards, due to the mandatory moderation process that was put in place.

It is extremely reassuring therefore that we have been able to post such an exceptional set results for our vibrant and inclusive school. We are immensely proud of the determination, effort and purpose of this accomplished group of young people, who have had to deal with such unprecedented challenge and uncertainty at the pinnacle of their educational journey. Their capable and mature approach to their GCSE courses, over the last two years, has been appropriately rewarded and we wish them every success in their future academic endeavours.

“We are immensely proud of the fantastic achievements of our GCSE cohort! It has been a turbulent time and the way our Year 11 pupils responded to the situation has demonstrated what a remarkable group of young people we have at Duke of Kent School” – Mrs Sue Knox, Head

Some highlights include:

62% of all grades are 7/8/9 (the equivalent of A or A*)

100% of our students have achieved 8 GCSE passes including English Literature, English Language and Maths

67% of our students achieved grades 7/8/9 in Maths (A-A*)

67% of our students achieved grades 7/8/9 in English Language (A-A*)

35% of the overall total grades were scored 8 or 9 (A*)

94% of our students achieved grades 7/8/9 in Design & Technology

90% of our students achieved grades 7/8/ in Art

80% of our students achieved grades 7/8/9 in Spanish

98% of our students achieved grade 6 and above in Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

Overall, students achieved an 100% pass rate for all subjects taken

Mr Alex Seeley – Head of Teaching and Learning

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