HOME & GARDEN: An escape from lockdown with Reunion Lifestyle

Ok well not quite an escape…but Reunion Lifestyle was born out of the first UK national lockdown in spring 2020 when Jason & Vicky Rammell were searching for ideas to ‘escape’ from lockdown…

Like all of us, this couple from north Worcestershire were suddenly thrust into this new situation with their usual travel activities completely curtailed.

Being fortunate enough to travel extensively for work within the International Exhibition & Event industry and with regular trips to Spain and Florida they enjoyed a very mobile lifestyle.  When work came to an abrupt stop in March 2020 and finding themselves at home more so than in the prior 15 years, they set about creating an enhanced home lifestyle to ‘escape’ lockdown.

First up was a small summer-house built in the garden finished in a retro-industrial bar theme.  The interior is bright and airy and the bar itself is bespoke, made from re-claimed floorboards sourced locally.  Optics were a must and the refrigerator inside the base a cool addition. 

Next, the garden space around the ‘Let’s Get Shedded’ bar needed an upgrade to make it a perfect alfresco space.  Over the following weeks exactly the right outdoor sofa, barbecue, patio heater and of course hot-tub were sourced to complete this new outdoor sanctuary.  

Finally, as the autumn set in, attention was turned to a spare room that would be perfect for creating an indoor entertaining space complete with pool table, large screen, comfy seating and of course a bespoke black and white Gin bar.

Reunion Lifestyle was born out of Jason & Vicky’s desire to have an oasis at home.  The meticulous effort that was put into sourcing the right home products for their own home was just the inspiration they needed to embark on their new business manufacturing & sourcing the right luxury products & gifts to make their customers’ homes the ultimate retreat.

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