LIFESTYLE: Do you want to experience ‘the pet hen effect’?

Did you know that pet chickens give cuddles? Or that they’ll happily wander into your home and snuggle up beside you?

More and more people are experiencing the joy of hen keeping and learning that pet chickens are as curious as cats and as loyal as dogs, with bags of affection and the added bonus of supplying a steady stream of fresh eggs.

The British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) saves around 50,000 hens from slaughter every year and rehomes them as family pets.

The charity regularly receives photos from adopters of pet hens that have well and truly integrated into family life, alongside tales of how loving, entertaining, and calming their chickens can be.

If you’d like to join the growing number of hen keepers and experience ‘the pet hen effect’ for yourself, the British Hen Welfare Trust is holding a rehoming day on Saturday, May 14 in Blandford Forum.

To adopt hens from the BHWT you need to register your interest by Thursday, May 12. The charity doesn’t charge a fee but asks for a donation to cover adoption costs and hen welfare campaigning work, such as veterinary and education programmes.

For more information on how to welcome your very own flock of hens, visit:

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