FINANCE: Saving for Christmas

Five tips to get organised and save money ready for Christmas

Sale shopping, booking restaurants in advance and talking to friends and family are all ways that Brits can   save money and get prepared for Christmas 2020.

Penny-pinching gurus from have revealed five tips to help get ahead of the Christmas rush and save money this year.

By talking to friends and family and potentially changing Christmas present norms after a difficult year, Brits could potentially keep more money in their own pockets.

Being strict with a budget and ensuring   buyers don’t purchase more than one present for their receivers will also help spread the cost.

A spokesperson for  said: “Christmas is always an expensive time of year, and people are likely to feel the pinch this year more than ever.

“By planning far in advance and spreading the cost it can help it seem more manageable as presents can be spread over several pay packets.

“However Christmas turns out this year, by being prepared and planning ahead you can ensure it’s as close to the real thing as possible.”

These are ’s tips to enjoy Christmas on a budget:

1. Sale shopping

A lot of shops currently have sales on to try and make up for the loss of money during the lockdown period. It’s a great idea to take advantage of these sales and buy as many presents as you can in advance. It means that you’ll avoid the pre-Christmas rush which could potentially mean queuing up outside in the cold before you enter shops, and will help save you money.

2. Ideas

Write down a list of everyone you’ve agreed you’re buying presents for and potential ideas you have for them. Then once you’ve bought the presents – whether they’re what you had planned, or you spotted something else – write them down next to their name. This reduces the risk of you buying more than one present for the same person.

3. Post

If we do go into lockdown again, it may be prudent to send presents far in advance, or if you’re shopping online getting them delivered to the gift-receiver’s address . This will help ensure that everybody will have something to open on Christmas Day – whether it’s the day we plan for or not.

4. Organise

Everyone’s Christmas diaries get very full very quickly and this year is likely to be no different if coronavirus restrictions stay as they currently are. With restaurants encouraging us to book ahead and current limits only allowing up to six people from two households on the same table, it might be worth planning and booking restaurants as far in advance as possible.  

5. Talk

If you’re dreading the thought of Christmas shopping and thinking of ideas of presents for friends and family, why not just talk to them about it? They may also be in the same boat and it may be mutually beneficial to not do presents this year. Alternatively, why not enjoy a day trip you’ve all wanted to do for a while, or go out for a nice meal in lieu of presents. 

Author: minervadigi