EDUCATION: There is no Wi-fi in the woods at Hatherop

The adventure of childhood, is integrated into everything we do at Hatherop...

Children are often found building bug houses, role playing in dens or investigating science experiments from the top of our new Treehouse Classroom. This time outside allows children to connect with nature and understand more about the world, it provides children with precious time to relax in peace and quiet when school life becomes too stressful.

Children know the rules of being outside, ‘if the stick is longer than your arm then it is not to be played with’. However, the rules are simple and more emphasis is placed on teaching the children to understand risk, and asses what they can safely do. In a time when technology is all around us, the importance of being outside, to a place where the Wi-Fi doesn’t reach, is vital, it allows children to get back to basics and appreciate the simple things in life, they can actually see how birds lay their nests or how an earthworm moves, instead of clicking on Google and watching it on a screen.

In addition to the wonderful grounds, parents love the family ethos at Hatherop, Mr Reed knows every single child and can often be found teaching Prep 7 sports or reading Reception a lovely book in the Stableyard. It is a small prep school with tremendous grounds which for many parents find is the perfect balance. Their child is not simply a number within the school but a treasured and valued member of the Hatherop family community.

In a time of such uncertainty, we feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful school thriving. Children here are happy and confident and have a true sense of belonging.  We are certain this will continue and look forward to another year of adventures at Hatherop next year.

To find out more about how Hatherop could provide the perfect education for your child, please visit our website and book to come along to our open morning or a bespoke tour of our wonderful school.

Minerva Studio
Author: Minerva Studio