LOCAL: Henley Naturals – the Local, Sustainable Brand

Local Business Henley Naturals launches in Henley

Henley Naturals Organic hand and body care range, founded by Sarah Jones, embraces the natural world around us by bringing uplifting scents into your home. The environmentally friendly hand and body washes and lifestyle products link self-care with the emotions through the power of essential oils.

Delivering a dose of nature’s goodness with every drop, Henley Naturals products are hand crafted and infused with premium, organic, essential oils, a natural, soothing fragrance and a plethora of therapeutic benefits.

During her 20+ year career as an Advanced Practitioner Nurse, Sarah was a strong advocate of complementary therapies, adopting them into her work and merging the gap between western and alternative methodologies.

Sarah’s passion for finding remedies within nature blossomed when she began utilising essential oils to heal herself during her personal battle with long COVID. Nature’s efficacy inspired her to delve deeper, studying aromatherapy and Henley Naturals was born.

Sarah realised how bringing these essential oils into the home and office could affect people’s every day lives. She recognised how taking a break, washing your hands and breathing in calming, focusing and energising blends benefits everyone.

Launching a brand aligned with her own personal values; sustainability was top of the list. The sleek, Infinity bottles are both reusable and refillable, crafted from premium glass, complete with a customisable pump to complement any area of the home.

Through Sarah’s desire to adopt a more conscious lifestyle, the result is a personal care range that marries high-end product design whilst fulfilling the demands of the conscious consumer. Refillable pouches can be effortlessly recycled by simply posting the empties through a letter box.

Henley Naturals is cruelty-free, veganfriendly, and eco-conscious.

The ingredients are naturally derived, featuring luxurious, sophisticated scents using essential oils. The brand mission is to empower individuals to enhance their self-care journey by harnessing the potential of essential oils, enabling them to infuse joy and balance into their daily lives.

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Author: minervadigi