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Brits have been offered plant advice from GardeningExpress.co.uk revealing eight evergreens which will help add focus points to gardens all year round.

Green fingered Brits have been offered advice on the prettiest evergreens to give their garden all year interest.

The plant experts at GardeningExpress.co.uk have looked at the plants which will work all year and give your outside space style and structure.

Among the suggestions are Box and Yew which are both perfect for hedging and the gorgeous smelling lavender.

Flora favourites include Camellia and Magnolia Grandiflora with beautiful big blooms and glossy leaves.

A spokesperson for GardeningExpress.co.uk said: “Every planting scheme should have some beautiful evergreens to create interest all year round and act as the backbone to the garden design.

“There are lots to choose from and it’s always important to check your soil type so you get the right for the conditions in your garden.

“Generally, these evergreen shrubs are pretty hardy and can withstand most growing conditions. So when you make your choices, think about your overall garden design or theme, consider your soil type and most importantly pick a plant you love and you know you’ll enjoy whatever the season.”

Here is the Gardening Express guide to evergreens:


The tiny green leaves on this plant make it a popular choice for hedges with all round colour. It can be used for topiary too if you fancy having a go. Box like well drained soil and shady spots. If you plant somewhere sunny, water well.


Yew will grow almost anywhere as long as the soil drains well. The deep green foliage is perfect for hedges. In the autumn it produces red fruits.

Fatsia japonica

This hardy plant has large glossy leaves on sturdy stems and will grow in most conditions. It’ll look amazing wherever you put it in the garden.


This is a lovely shrub and one that can cope with most growing conditions. Its large, eye-catching speckled leaves give year round interest and can even look slightly tropical.

Magnolia Grandiflora

This is a beautiful evergreen with glossy leave and large flowers. Your plant may start small, but it will grow and eventually become a medium sized tree.


Lavender is a great choice for all year-round interest with its scented foliage and flowers which bees love. There are lot of different varieties so pick the one that suits your garden best. Lavender works as edging, in pots on the patio or in borders.


Camellia’s are a gorgeous addition to any garden. Beautiful flowers to enjoy during Spring and glossy, green leaves the rest of the year. These look great in borders, as part of a mixed planting scheme or in large patio containers


Holly isn’t just for Christmas although it does look lovely around the fireplace and covered in snow. The deep green, sharp pointed leaves will add lots of interest to your garden all year round with the bright red berries adding a touch of colour.

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