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Five hacks for a more hygienic kitchen sink

From washing our hands more often to rinsing vegetables and even disinfecting the grocery order, keeping the kitchen sinks hygienically clean has never been more of a priority. 

According to the Global Hygiene Council, the kitchen sink is a germ hotspot, even more so than the toilet, providing the ideal breeding ground for all kinds of nasties thanks to the wet and moist conditions.

These five hacks from Abode will help banish those bugs, leaving you with a hygienically clean sink to be proud of:

  • Invest in a pull-out tap. This will make rinsing down the sink a breeze and look good too, creating a professional image that even a top chef would be envious of.
  • Opt for an easy to clean material. Stainless steel is often the go-to material for kitchen sinks and there is no doubt that it is hardwearing and simple to maintain. Alternatives include composite and ceramic, which are just as hardy and all of these only require a basic cleaning agent to keep sparkling clean.
  • Store dishcloths and brushes away from the main sink area, even in their own caddy. A study by the Global Hygiene Council found that 60% of dishcloths were contaminated with e-coli, so boil wash and replace these regularly too.
  • Sanitise the sink after cleaning, by plugging the drain and filling the basin with warm water. Add a tablespoon of mild disinfectant, dip in a sponge and wipe down the tap, rinse and dry. Remember to regularly clean the basket strainer too!
  • Dry the sink with a microfibre cloth to prevent lime scale build up.
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About Abode

Established in 2002, Abode has a team with extensive knowledge of sinks, taps and the kitchen & bathroom industry. For more information about how you can transform your kitchen or bathroom, contact them on their website or on 01226 283434.  

Author: minervadigi