MENDIP: JWitt reveal new scheme to donate old pianos into the community

Amy Wilkinson tells us more about a new scheme to donate old pianos to a worthy cause rather than destroying them.

Tells us more about the scheme?

At JWitt we can receive up to 10 pianos a week for recycling. They typically get crushed and recycled into various wood and paper products – however in a bid to re-use items and extend their product life we have begun a scheme to re-home the pianos into the community in places such as community groups, scout halls, churches, schools etc., before recycling them.

Why re-home when you already recycle them?

As a local waste and recycling company we aim to recycle as much as possible, however ‘re-homing’ an item, in this case pianos, is a more effective way of extending a products life. Our moto is reduce, reuse and recycle, meaning we would firstly aim to reduce the amount of waste we create, then reuse items before using resources in the processing recycling materials, and lastly recycling as much as we can. 

Will you collect my old piano?

We are not able to collect pianos – however if you have a piano you don’t want or need there are companies that can collect for you as they are difficult to move. As pianos are mainly made from recyclable materials, we would encourage you to make sure that anyone hired to collect the piano is taking it to be recycled rather than unnecessarily put into landfill.

Who can apply to take a piano Amy?

Any pianos that are suitable for re-homing will be ‘saved’ and available to be collected. Anyone who would like a piano for their club or knows a community group that might benefit should get in touch – if we have a piano ready to collect that would suit you will be invited to come and collect from our site in Coleford, Radstock.

Can I visit to look at a piano?

We are unable to have members of public visit the recycling plant, however should you need to see the piano we are able to send a picture.

Would I need to collect it myself?

Yes – this would need to be arranged by you at which point we can ensure access to our recycling facility for collection.

How can I get in touch?

If you are interested please do get in touch via – we’d love to hear about your community projects and how a piano could be a benefit to you.

Minerva Studio
Author: Minerva Studio