LOCAL: A desire to bring joy and happiness

Founded in 2020, Larkswold was born from a dream to create a magical place for people to come and feel a sense of calm and joy whilst crafting.

Best friends Melinda and Emma have worked hard to make their guests happy and leave having created something wonderful no matter what level of skill or experience.

Craft is a new way to gain wellbeing. Exercise has taken the main stage for a long time, but craft taps into peoples need to do stuff with their hands and be creative.

In the biggest study of its kind (almost 50,000 people), 2018’s Great British Creativity Test examined how creative activities can help us manage our mood and make us feel happier. Led by Dr Daisy Fancourt from University College London, the research concluded that even a small amount of creative activity can improve your wellbeing in three main ways:

1. Distraction – be creative to avoid stress

2. Contemplation – be creative to get some perspective on your life

3. Self-development – be creative to build up self-esteem and confidence

From the moment you arrive at Larkswold, Emma & Melinda are there to make your day special. Fresh ground coffee & homemade cake, you are sure to find something to tantalize your tastebuds. 

“We really love running Larkswold. Cool location, being creative, meeting lots of lovely guests and of course cake and a cuppa!” says Melinda. 

Craft, like so many other things, is just a matter of learning the techniques and practicing.  The reason for the growth of crafting in young professionals has been the escapism and that it’s a lovely way to spend time with friends and family – to reconnect.

Having a shared experience to look forward to and reminisce about after, is so important in these new times since lockdown, as is having some quality time purely for yourself.

“Having been featured in magazines, used as a photoshoot location and promoted by Cotswold Tourism, I couldn’t have dreamed we would have achieved so much in such a brief period of time. I can’t wait to see what the future brings” says Emma. 

Sound interesting? Chat with Melinda 0770 434 6458 or email emma@larkswold.com

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