LIFESTYLE: Little’s Launch Strawberry Coffee

Little’s summery strawberry coffee is a surprisingly delightful partnership that tastes like a strawberry milkshake (or everyone’s favourite Quality Street) crossed with a flat white.

Little’s ( is a Devon-based family business who have been making coffee for over three decades. Little’s is bringing the coffee shop home, turning up the flavour and cranking up the quality of instant, pod and ground coffee, challenging consumers to rethink instant and to bring flavoured coffee home.

Enjoy hot, iced, however you like. Little’s think it tastes great over ice with your choice of milk (frothed if you have time) and a dash of sugar syrup (or even a drizzle of strawberry syrup). The coffee contains no added sugar, 4kcals per cup, it’s vegan and it’s 100% recyclable. You can see a recipe for Strawberry Delight Whipped Ice Coffee here.

Little’s deliver quality, convenience and taste that doesn’t cost the earth; made using premium beans which are expertly roasted and freeze dried, Little’s will get you as close to a cup of specialty coffee as possible from the comfort of home, for as little as 64p a cup. Half of millennials and Gen-Zs regularly buy flavoured coffee out of the home (*Attest survey2022)and 75% of all the coffee bought in stores is instant – Little’s are ridding coffee of instant shame, allowing you to hack your favourite coffee shop order with a flavour-packed, sugar free optionthat’s pocket-friendly too

Fresh from a vibrant new rebrand and riding high on winning two Great Taste stars at the 2023 Great Taste Awards (for Little’s Smooth Colombian instant coffee and Little’s Creamy Caramel coffee pods).

Little’s is the first instant coffee in UK supermarkets to go 100% plastic free, you’ll find the coffee beautifully packaged in bright, UK-made glass jars with aluminium lids, for the ultimate in freshness.

Try your way through the whole range via the Little’s web shop or take your pick from the wide selection available from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Amazon, Ocado, Harrods, Booths, Whole Foods and Holland & Barrett.

Author: minervadigi