EDUCATION: Meet the Head at Bruton School for Girls

We caught up with Jane Evans, Headmistress of Bruton School for Girls…

Last February was an exciting time for me as I accepted the post as Headmistress at Bruton School for Girls starting in September 2020. The following month of March everything changed with the first national lockdown. With change has come lots of discussion and deep reflection about what is valued and treasured by the school. We know we are a community that is diverse and we care about inclusion. We know we are excellent in our academic provision, ISI rates us “Excellent and outstanding in every way”.

At 120 years old and with a sound financial foundation to confidently step forward into the new world we are launching a new curriculum across the whole school. The breadth and flexible nature of it will allow us to grow our academic learning and enable us to embrace innovative opportunities.

Learning through play starts in the early years and we have loved introducing new toys to our senior students such as Lego to engage with robotics and programming. Our CAD and other software enables play with programming, graphics and design. Gadgets such as our 3D printer realise these creations. A recording suite furnished with Apple Macs supports our music technology and our popular song-writing course. At Bruton School for Girls, the learning is not confined by the walls of the classroom. Here your child will grow, belong and succeed. They will leave us confident, with a love of learning and ready to adapt and change with the new world that is waiting for them.

Jane Evans, Headmistress

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