MOTORING: Mercedes Benz EQC

Sue Cooke tests out the latest Mercedes Benz EQC.

I’ve been driving around this week in an ethereal Mercedes Benz world of quiet, luxury and beauty. When the man came to pick the EQC up, I even felt a little old tug of the heart strings as I handed the keys over.

I absolutely fell in love with the crossover SUV with its avant garde style unique to the all-electric range. The EQC is the first Mercedes Benz model under the new product and technology brand, the EQ, which pioneers dynamic performance generated by two electric motors at the front and rear axles.

Image showing the rear of the Mercedes EQC

Power is instant when I press the accelerator and as I ease up, unlike the jerky reaction and sudden braking of some electric vehicles, the EQC slows down gradually. The range wasn’t an issue during my week of driving because the 80kWh lithium ion battery has a generous mileage of 259 (WLTP) and will regenerate when coasting. The output is 408hp and 62mph from standstill can be reached in 5.1 seconds. Top speed is 111mph.

But it’s always looks that turn my head and as I set out on a journey at dusk, the automatic multibeam LED headlights soar into life with the most entertaining light show that I have ever seen. A multitude of lights dance into view, flutter, then rise to a majestic static encore. I have to admit that when I return home, I ensure that I back onto the drive and switch the ignition on and off a couple of times, just in case the people who live over the road didn’t see the show the first time round!!

At the front is a large black-panel surface enclosing the headlamps and grille. The black panel is bordered at the top by an optical fibre and at night this creates an almost uninterrupted, horizontal light band. Gorgeous.

Image showing the interior of the Mercedes EQCWhen I have my fill of the lighting, the extremely quiet interior continues the entertainment. The MBUX multimedia system displays the range, the charge status and energy flow. Me and the innovative ‘Hey Mercedes’ virtual assistant get on very well. She expertly calculates the fastest route I need to take, with the shortest charging time and even tells me where the nearest charging points are.

The AMG Line has sports seats in leather upholstery with a long seat squab which I find very comfortable. Running boards help the step up into the cabin and I fall in love with the air inlets which have a rose gold trim and inserts in high gloss black.

The Active Parking Assist gives a very clear view of the road behind. Other features I appreciate are blind spot assist, keyless-Go, head up display and heated front seats. The very large touchscreen media display and instrument cluster stretches seamlessly across the centre console and behind the steering wheel. Ambient lighting has a choice of 64 colours. The AMG Line has a startling blue optical line of carbon fibre trim.

The large boot has a double layer for usefully hiding any items. The tailgate automatically opens and closes by pressing a button on the key fob. Storage in the interior is also huge with a wide area inside each door and there is a very deep large covered storage area between the front seats.

The combination of beauty, luxury and extreme quiet in the new Mercedes Benz EQC will be very difficult to forget.

Facts at a Glance:

Model: Mercedes Benz EQC AMG Line 4Matic

Price: £67,715otr

Battery: Lithium ion high voltage with electric motor

Electric range: 232-259 WLTP

Charging Time: Public rapid charging – 40 mins. Wallbox 11 hours.

Performance: 0-62mph in 5.1 seconds and on to a top speed of 112 mph

CO2 emissions: 0g/km

Transmission: Single speed automatic

Author: minervadigi