EDUCATION: Millfield at the Tokyo Olympics

This year, 13 Millfield School alumni headed to Tokyo to compete, which is the highest number of athletes they have ever had at the games. Nine athletes competed for Team GB, and four for Brunei, Kenya, Denmark and Hong Kong…

James Guy had a shining performance in the pool, winning two gold medals and a silver for Team GB. Millfield’s Director of Swimming and former Olympian who also attended Millfield as a student, Euan Dale, joined Team GB as a coach in Tokyo.

It is Millfield’s extensive and diverse facilities, unique timetable allowing for regular training along with the blend of specialist coaches and centralised sports programme that sets the school apart.

Dr Scott Drawer, Director of Sport at Millfield, said: ‘Sport is synonymous with Millfield, and we are proud to place it on the pedestal it deserves in developing young people. Our vision at Millfield is to be the world leader for the development of children through sport and looking at the vast list of previous Olympians and success stories, we have been leading the way for some time. Many of our students reflect on these formative years and how it has impacted their future careers’.

Millfieldians have competed at every Games since 1956, with 56 athletes representing nine different countries and a total of 16 medals won (5 gold, 4 silver, 7 bronze). The athletes competing this summer will add to the school’s proud Olympic heritage.

The unique elements that help our students reach the highest level include a flexible daily timetable that offers training during a two-hour lunch break, specialist coaches, the athletic development team and the balance of sport with academics.

Old Millfieldian James Guy said, ‘I’ve been around Millfield for a long time and all of the staff here at Millfield really did help me massively and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today, World Champion and Olympic medalist, Millfield is where my dream began’.

The school are set to watch more alumni head to the 2024 games in Paris.

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