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Britain’s Best Drivers

  • Drivers from London consider themselves the best  
  • Brits consider themselves better drivers than family and friends  
  • Partners are the most annoying to have in the car 
  • ‘You should have gone the other way’ is the phrase most likely to get drivers blood boiling 

Drivers from London have the most confidence in their driving ability with a third saying they are an extremely good driver. Whilst the worst drivers are from East Anglia where only 14% rated themselves as extremely good.  

New research by  Money Expert has also found that seven in 10 people consider themselves better drivers than family and friends and when asked about their mum, only 16% rate them a good driver. One in 10 people would also go as far to say that they wouldn’t let their mum, partner, child or best friend drive their car if they were insured on it with the most popular reason being that they’re most likely to crash! 

When it comes to having passengers in the car – partners take the crown for most annoying, with over a quarter (28%) saying they have the worst habits.  

Leaving rubbish from snacks and drinks in the car comes out on top as the biggest annoyance for just under a third of drivers (30%), closely followed by over a quarter (28%) finding it annoying when their passenger doesn’t give them enough time for directions meaning they miss an exit. Telling someone to look at something while they’re concentrating on the road rounds out the top three with 27%.  


1. Leaving rubbish in the car is the #1 annoyance habit (30%) 

2. Passengers not giving enough time for directions (28%) 

3. Asking the driver to look at something while they are busy driving (27%) 

Meanwhile, Money Expert has also compiled a list of phrases you may hear while driving and found the sure-fire way to know if you have a backseat driver in the car. You’ll likely have one with you if you hear any of the following phrases: 

  1. ‘You should’ve gone the other way!’ (27%) 
  2. ‘Aren’t you a bit close to the car in front?’ (25%) 
  3. ‘You were close to that cyclist’ (18%) 

Over half (55%) of UK drivers have actively avoided giving someone a lift in their car because of a potential passenger’s habits. Excuses range from vaguely telling somebody they’re just not available (47%), running too late from work (23%), as well as a fifth (19%) having even faked an illness. 

Almost half (48%) of drivers have found themselves driving less than when lockdown was at its strictest. This suggests that people are now leaving their car for essential journeys and finding alternative travel where possible. 

While backseat drivers can be annoying for many, it seems that lockdown has caused many of us to reflect and, in many cases – miss them! 37% are just happy to have the company again. 2 in 5 realised they like the passenger more than they thought they did, 38% believe that the nagging actually made them a better driver and over a quarter (28%) took a look upon themselves and realised that they were actually just being irritable. 

Money Expert’s CEO Jason Smith says, “Backseat drivers are a pain for almost every driver and while many trust their own driving ability, it’s interesting that they’re not so trusting of friends and family! This research shows that many drivers’ habits have changed since before lockdown to now. This provides an opportunity to get over lockdown apathy and save money on your car insurance renewal by comparing and finding a deal that rewards things like decreased mileage or keeping your car on your driveway for most of the time.’ 

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Best drivers league table 

  1. London (32%) 
  2. East Midlands (24%) 
  3. West Midlands (24%) 
  4. North East (22%) 
  5. North West (20%) 
  6. Scotland (16%) 
  7. South East (16%) 
  8. Wales (16%) 
  9. Yorkshire (16%) 
  10. South West (15%) 
  11. East Anglia (14%) 
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