MENDIP: Jude’s, a new independent shop for Frome

Ade Hill takes a walk to Stony Street to meet Ben Sawyer of Jude’s of Frome and discovers just what they have to offer this summer…

Who are Jude’s?
We are a new independent gift store in the historic town of Frome, offering a full range of gifts for all occasions.

How long have you been trading in Frome?
We opened in Frome in November 2020 and were forced to close until December, when we had an extremely busy month, really  warm welcome from all customers.

What brought you to Frome?
I personally live near Trowbridge and always loved the architecture of Frome, along with a fantastic range of independent shops. When I saw the shop up for rent during a dog walk through Frome, I couldn’t resist!

Tell us more about the store?
My mum was diagnosed with lung cancer in August 2020, so she started a horrific battle against the disease. She is retired but wanted a project to get her teeth into. This was before her diagnosis, so that was a huge driving force for me to open the store and name it after her, to give that hope to look forward to working together when she is better. 

I have really reflected her style, humour and character throughout the store. She has recently received the all clear following treatment, which is fantastic! It will be slow progress towards getting back to normal but we will get there.

Where abouts are you?
We are based on Stony Street at the bottom of Catherine Hill.

Can I order online?
Yes, we have a selection of our popular products online. We have a much bigger selection in store, so please get in touch as we offer free local delivery!

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Author: Minerva Studio