HOME & GARDEN: Nine ways to organise your kitchen like Mrs Hinch

The queen of clean, Mrs Hinch, and many of her showbiz pals swear by Kath & Kin’s organisational must-haves. Whether it’s clearly labeled storage boxes, reusable pump bottles or labelled wardrobe dividers, you’re sure to have seen them pop up on your favourite influencer’s Instagram story...

The firm’s founder and chief organiser, Kathryn Hall, has pulled together some top tips for organising your kitchen like an influencer this summer and making sure you get the most out of your food during the hot weather. 

  1. Always store fresh uncooked meat in the bottom of the fridge, preferably in a fridge storage tray, sealed to contain any leaking meat juice. Storing at the bottom of the fridge prevents meat juice contaminating other contents in the fridge. Keep away from cooked meats to avoid contamination and the spread of bacteria.
  2. Storing bananas in a fruit bowl at room temperature will help ripen the bananas. When bananas are added to the bowl with other fruits, they release gas which ripens the fruit around them too. To avoid speeding up the ripening of other fruits, use a fruit bowl with a separate part to hang the bananas from.
  3. To help save time, money and food waste, store your sundries in labelled, clear glass or plastic containers in a cool dry place within the kitchen cupboard or a pantry to keep the temperature consistent. This not only keeps the contents fresher for longer, but the clear labelled storage jars allow you to see when your stock is running low, avoiding overspending on the food shop and leading to less waste, which is better for the environment.
  4. Store your cut carrots in water in a covered container but make sure you change the water every four to five days to avoid bacteria. Cut carrots will last around a month when stored in this way.
  5. Freeze sliced bread – in the summer bread tends to go mouldy much sooner. Store your sliced bread in the freezer to avoid waste and take out slices when required rather than removing and defrosting the entire loaf.
  6. Store items with a longer shelf life that you use less regularly at the top of the cupboards and shorter life essentials at the bottom and at the front of the cupboard. This avoids waste and will save you over buying items you forgot you had.
  7. Potatoes should be stored in a dark dry and well ventilated area of your kitchen. Light encourages rotting. Ideally a net eco friendly bag or basket will help contain the potatoes whilst keeping them fresh and dry.
  8. Store your table mats, coasters, napkins and table runners in labelled storage boxes. That way you can be the host with the most at the drop of a hat. Keeping everything in one place and to hand for those impromptu meals in.
  9. Store your baking ingredients and tea, coffee and sugar in labelled, clear glass jars to help you see quickly whether you need to re-stock. They also keep the contents fresh and aromas locked in. The clear jars also save you rummaging to find what you are looking for and avoids bags of flour tearing, keeping the cupboard clean and organised.

Kath & Kin has just rebranded after trading as Shabby2Chic Boutique for four years. To find out more and shop the products mentioned, visit: kathandkin.com 

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Author: Minerva Studio