FINANCE: Phoenixes from the ashes of furlough

There are so many bad things about the furlough that listing them would be onerous – but there is a positive too. Many people, faced with long days and not much to do, have given more thought to what might only have been a faint glimmer of an idea, to develop that into a new business…

The range and ingenuity of ideas is tremendous, and the opportunity to actually do what we might secretly have longed to do has created some innovative and potentially great small businesses.

That said, the initial ideas on the back of the envelope need to be developed and that may involve a number of other businesses, from printers to website developers, business advice, insurance, marketing and accountancy these new businesses will be knocking on some local doors within a short time as they develop and grow.

There is such a range of marketing and selling opportunities, from local publications to online sales and  local markets and events to pop up shops, and branding is another area where new businesses will look to promote themselves. Banners and business cards, marquees and t shirts, websites and social media, there are many options to be explored and local businesses to help and supply them.

As businesses grow and develop, there may also be a need to raise capitol and again there are financial advisors who can give advice, and it is good to start forming the relationships you may need as your business expands.

There are also local events that may suit a new business, especially if it is mobile, and planning is afoot for a number of events in 2021, made harder in the current times but still in the pipeline. Looking forward to a relaxation of restrictions these local events are a great ‘toe in the water’ for many small businesses, and of course if your business requires premises you will need the advice of a good local estate agent too.

As the back of the envelope idea grows and become a reality there are also some excellent local organisations for networking and meeting likeminded people – Chambers of Commerce, business breakfasts and even Zoom meetings are all really useful for meeting fellow business owners and they  have a lot of knowledge to share – and you might get a good breakfast too!

Whatever business you are launching there are plenty of local businesses ready to offer what you need – and in supporting them you are also supporting your future business environment! So give them a call and have yourself a very profitable and exciting 2021.

Minerva Studio
Author: Minerva Studio