RECIPE: Drambuie Espresso Martini

Drambuie Espresso Martini



Drambuie Espresso Martini

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Take an Espresso Martini to the next level by adapting the original recipe using Drambuie and Scotch Whisky – a delicious option when relaxing with friends. An elevated Scottish interpretation of the classic cocktail, this drink celebrates the perfect union of whisky and coffee, with the honeyed spiced liqueur adding a generous butterscotch aroma and rich texture.


  • 25 ml Drambuie

  • 25 ml Scotch Whisky

  • 50ml Espresso or strong cold brew coffee, decaffeinated if preferred

  • Lots of ice


  • Pour all ingredients over ice into a cocktail shaker or equivalent (a jam jar will do), shake vigorously to create a foam before pouring into a chilled martini glass.

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