RECIPE: JAZZ™ Apple Mezcal Margarita

JAZZ™ Apple Mezcal Margarita
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JAZZ™ Apple Mezcal Margarita

Recipe by Jazz AppleServes



This light, refreshing apple margarita is simple to make, and is simply delicious!


  • 50ml Zignum Mezcal

  • 15ml lime juice

  • 15ml Ginger sugar syrup (200g sugar, 200ml water, 3 tbsp sliced and crushed fresh ginger – bring to the boil, simmer for 15, leave to cool and strain).

  • 30ml JAZZ™ Apple juice (juice up your old cores and any peel)

  • Salt to rim the glass

  • Apple slice to garnish


  • Rim the glass with salt.

  • Add all the ingredients to a shaker that has been filled with ice.

  • Shake well.

  • Strain into glass and garnish with a fresh JAZZ™ Apple slice.

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    Author: Minerva Studio