HOUSE & HOME: Sarah Beeny’s New Life with an Everhot – the latest addition to the family

Sarah Beeny, broadcaster and presenter, and her husband Graham, have embarked on the building of a carbon-neutral stately home in Somerset. Once a dairy farm and now a modern and functional family home, the Channel 4 TV programme – A New Life in the Country – follows Sarah’s trials and tribulations when combining aesthetics and carbon-neutrality; tradition and modernity; old and new.

In the first series, Sarah and Graham concentrated on building the shell of the house as well as improving the land by planting thousands of trees. In the show’s second series, Sarah concentrates on the interior of the house. After installing a grand staircase, creating an elaborate dining room and hand tiling their bathrooms, the TV show turns to the designing of the kitchen.

Sarah’s desire for a greener yet traditional kitchen has been satisfied by the arrival of her Everhot 150+. Behind its classic facade, an Everhot is the most energy-efficient heat storage range cooker on the market, using less than half the energy of comparable range cookers. Sarah’s Everhot 150+ runs off electricity powered by solar panels; by running on electricity, the Everhot has flexible control which enables year-round use as you can lower the heat output and running costs in warmer months using the ‘ECO’ timer control: “It really suited us to have a warm kitchen with a single source of constant heat. That is why we chose the Everhot. All the electricity is created from solar panels and stored in a power wall battery. Without the Everhot in the kitchen the whole plan would have been flawed. I can honestly say I would never have another cooker.”
Sarah’s dream is to have a warm kitchen while the rest of the house’s heating system is turned off. The Everhot’s controllability means it can remain on as Sarah’s single source of constant heat in the kitchen – offering a dual purpose.
From cooking a Sunday roast to huddling around the Everhot with a cup of tea – Sarah’s Marine Blue Everhot 150+ is “a joy to hang around” and the perfect addition to her family’s new, sustainable life in the country.
I love that I learn more every time I use it”
Sarah Beeny
Everhot 150i+ (Marine Blue), from £11,170

Wide choice – Everhot cookers are available in twenty stunning colours
Hand-built in the Cotswolds – Everhot represents British engineering and craftsmanship at its best – the company has become a real British success story 
Year round comfort 
– an Everhot gently warms your kitchen and is designed to cook food beautifully 

Engineering excellence 
– each cooker is hand crafted to last a lifetime from entirely UK sourced materials 
Versatility – 
every Everhot is controllable, flexible and efficient 
Elegant design 
– each Everhot is assembled by a single technician, whose skills are essential to the cooker’s performance and appearance 
Running costs – Everhots use less than half the energy of comparable range cookers 
Heat efficiency – Everhot have been carbon negative for over 25 years
One of the family – Ossie Goring invented the first Everhot over 40 years ago – today it remains a family-run company    
Trouble-free installation – Everhots run off a standard 13amp plug and can be moved with ease to a new home

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