HOME & GARDEN: Combat the Cold Snap! Six Tips to Keep Your Home Warm

This November is predicted to be one of the coldest on record. Ahead of the big freeze, there are several small but mighty changes you can make to winter-proof your home and make home life as comfortable as possible – Worcester Bosch is on hand to help…

With the UK plunged into freezing temperatures from the end of November, now is the ideal time to perform a quick home health check to help keep you cosy and warm for a chilly few months ahead. 

To help, Worcester Bosch have picked out their top six tasks to ensure that your home is ready to take on the imminent freeze – to keep you warm, comfortable and winter-proofed this winter!

Tip One: Bleed Radiators  

According to research, less than half of millennials know how to bleed a radiator – but it’s simple! Releasing air that has been trapped inside your radiators throughout summer will help you to heat your home more effectively and reduce your energy bills significantly. 

Beginning with the downstairs radiators furthest from the boiler, locate the bleed valve, and place a towel under it to catch any water that may leak out. Using a key or a screwdriver turn the key anti-clockwise and listen for a hiss. Wait for the hiss to stop and turn the key back-around. Follow the same process in the house, moving from downstairs to upstairs. 

Tip Two: Book a Boiler Service  

To keep your boiler running safely and efficiently, it is recommended that your boiler is serviced at least once a year.

Martyn Bridges, Head of Technical Communication and Product Management at Worcester Bosch, comments: “In order to keep your boiler working as effectively as possible, it is important to book in regular boiler services, especially following a summer of infrequent use. Not having your boiler serviced could lead to faults, higher energy bills, and your warranty ending early.” 

Tip ThreeControl your Heating   

As summer ends and a cold snap enters in force, it is very tempting to turn your heating up to the maximum and think nothing more of it. 

However, to be a lot more efficient with making your heating system work around your schedule, and to save some cash too, spend the next 15 minutes programming your room and boiler thermostats. If you don’t have one already, now would be the perfect time to invest in one.  

According to Energy Savings Trust, room thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves could save you £75 a year and reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by 320kg, so it is definitely worth the investment.  

Tip Four: Check your Insulation

Over a quarter of heat is lost through the roof of an uninstalled home. However, before installing your loft insulation, it is essential to check the shape of your loft and know whether it is warm or damp. In most houses, insulation is very easy to install. Your first layer of insulation is placed between the joists and the second is placed in right angles to achieve the right depth. If it’s a step too far for your DIY skills, call in a professional.

This simple tip means that you’re trapping heat all year round so you can save money, even in the summer! 

Tip Five: Cover Your Floorboards  

One essential way to keep your home cosy is by paying attention to the gaps in your floor. Bare floorboards and holes in the bottom of skirting boards are easily forgotten ways that cold air can enter a home.

Through humidity changes and wood shrinking, gaps between the floorboards widen and expand which allows for cold air to emerge. Filling your floorboards with filler, strips, or putty traps heat in your home, where an even better option would be to cover your floor with a rug, carpet, or blankets as a fashionable and economically efficient way to keep your home warm. 

Tip Six: Reflect Your Radiators 

Turning on your radiator can boost your room temperature instantly, however the act of purchasing a radiator reflector can take this one step further!

The reflection from the panel reflects heat back into the room and the wall behind it. This simple science makes the most out of your radiator, as not only are you trapping the heat but you’re saving money by using less energy meaning that you can truly keep those winter blues at bay. 

To find out more about Worcester Bosch, head to their Heating Advice Hub to read more on how to prepare for the winter, live more sustainably and save on your energy bills, visit https://www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/heating-advice 

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