LIFESTYLE: More Brits Turning to Smart Metres to Save Money

Energy Crisis Driving Brits towards Smart Technology Solutions to Save on Energy Bills

Energy usage is top of the agenda for many in the UK, as homeowners are changing their behaviours and turning to smart home technology to reduce energy bills and make their homes more sustainable, according to the findings of a new report from Drayton and Schneider Electric, makers of the award-winning Wiser smart home heating system.

The study of 2,000 UK homeowners found that energy usage at home is front of mind for many, with over two thirds (67%) of respondents feeling it’s their responsibility to reduce their energy use at home, and over two thirds (68%) looking for ways to do this. Over a quarter (26%) of people are now measuring or tracking how and where they use energy, and more than one in 10 (14%) are investing in a smart thermostat to control their heating, with the aim of reducing bills during the energy crisis.

The new research has also revealed that almost three quarters of Brits (74%) have changed their behaviour over the last year in order to save on energy usage; over half (52%) of respondents reduced the temperature of their heating at home, and four in 10 (41%) reported limiting their hot water usage.

It’s clear to see that UK homeowners view smart home technology as an effective way to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency in their homes, with over a third (34%) considering it an easy way to reduce energy use. When it comes to the most popular smart technology devices, smart thermostats and smart energy monitors rank highly in the UK (2nd and 3rd respectively), beaten only by voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home. 

When it comes to new builds, it’s clear that smart tech is high on the agenda for many UK homeowners; almost two thirds (60%) would expect a new build to be equipped with smart home technology, while almost a third (32%) would pay more for a property with smart home tech, and over a third (35%) said that smart home technology makes a home more desirable. 

The findings form part of Schneider Electric’s global study of more than 9,000 homeowners, tracking their attitudes and behaviour towards energy efficiency and sustainability. The energy crisis dominated the results of the survey, particularly when looking at UK homeowners’ top concerns, with energy efficiency ranking 1st (+14pts year-on-year). In fact, Brit’s are so concerned about reducing their energy use that they are willing to invest an average of around £1,250 in energy efficiency measures in the next 12 months, the study found.

In good news, the research also showed that smart home device users were twice as optimistic about achieving Net Zero ambitions, compared to those who are yet to make the investment, with over half (51%) of Brits surveyed believing it’s important for homes to become more sustainable. With the results showing that almost seven in 10 (68%) believe it’s important to lead a sustainable lifestyle, and three quarters (75%) viewing carbon emissions as a threat, it’s clear to see that consumers are searching for simple ways to make their homes more sustainable. 

Jeremy Palmer, General Manager at Drayton, commented: “A real positive of this study was just how many UK homeowners (71%) believe it is important to reduce their carbon footprint. However, it’s concerning to see the impact of the energy crisis, and it’s shocking to hear that 43% of UK homeowners would sacrifice their own comfort in an attempt to reduce their energy use and keep bills down. 

“It’s clear that more needs to be done to educate homeowners about the cost-effective ways they can improve their energy consumption without having to make these sacrifices. For instance, by upgrading their heating with the introduction of smart thermostats and multi-zoning through a smart home heating system such as Wiser, homeowners can still enjoy a warm home, without having to over-spend by heating empty rooms.”

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