BRISTOL: This year go green with The Plastic Free Shop!

One simple swap can make all the difference!

When it comes to cleaning your home, the benefits of ditching plastic are plentiful. Plastic free alternatives tend to use natural ingredients which are kinder to both the environment and people, which makes them a great way to go green in the New Year.  

Our top three suggestions for cleaning your home, 2022 eco-style, are:

1) Ditch those grim yellow and green plastic sponges and choose a plastic free alternative which works just as well, lasts longer and doesn’t shed micro-plastics every time you use it. Our customers absolutely love these compostable sponges made from wood cellulose – they are super absorbent and hard wearing, making them perfect in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Handily enough, they come in packs of two so you’ve got both rooms covered with one simple swap!

2) Reduce the chemical load at home by switching to highly effective yet natural cleaning products. We especially love Bristol-made Ekologik water soluble cleaning pods. Simple to use – just pop a sachet and water into an old spray bottle – and you will reduce your carbon footprint, save both plastic and money, and you’ll have a bottle of natural cleaner to keep your home sparkling. We also love Planet Detox – another range of exceptional cleaning products made in Devon. Their Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning bars make cleaning a doddle thanks to the clever grime busting ingredients. 

3) Create space under the sink by swapping your huge packs of powder and laundry liquid for one of the best innovations around. Laundry sheets by Simple Living Eco are a plastic free dream – easy to use and store, containing no harsh irritating chemicals and perfect for thoroughly laundering your clothes. You’ll reduce your impact on the environment each time you pop a wash on!

All these excellent cleaning products, and many more plastic free goodies for the home and garden are available in our online store. Many of our products make perfect gifts too!

Minerva Studio
Author: Minerva Studio