TRAVEL: And relax….how to have a stress-free holiday

The summer holiday rush may be over, but more of us than ever are still planning trips abroad*…

A recent survey from holiday comparison experts dealchecker shows that in 2022, all-inclusive fly-and-flop packages are increasingly popular as people just want a simple break to recharge.  

Here’s our top tips on where to go to enjoy a stress-free break for the best price. 

All in one place 

The top priority when booking a hotel in 2022 is an all-inclusive option, whereas in 2019 it was experiencing authentic local culture and food. There are a lot of incredible all-inclusive resorts which will save you the stress of researching the best local restaurants and arranging taxis there and back. A top tip is to look for ones with several different styles of restaurant on the site, so it feels like you are eating out, even if you are still only a stone’s throw away from your room. Bonus points for on-site restaurants serving authentic local cuisine!

Relaxing atmosphere 

Dealchecker’s survey showed that in 2019, 11% booked a trip to get away from work induced stress, and this year 30% ticked this box. It’s a no brainer to look for relaxing destinations if you want to unwind. Some of the most relaxing holiday destinations include Crete in Greece, Funchal in Portugal and Zadar in Croatia. Do some research into the destinations you are interested in and find out which are the quieter resorts. Try to avoid the most popular resorts and crowded, bustling centres.

Just keep swimming 

In 2019 access to wi-fi was more important to holidaymakers than access to a beach or swimming pool. This is no longer the case, with wi-fi slipping below the opportunity to take a refreshing dip. This shows that we are prioritising our wellbeing over being ‘always-on’, and many of us welcome a digital detox. If you want to enjoy swimming on holiday, look out for resorts with several pools catering for adults, families or children so you can choose according to your party’s needs. If you love swimming in the sea, look for hotels within walking distance of a great beach.

Safety first 

Safety was voted the least important consideration when choosing a destination in 2019 and the most important in 2022, beating going somewhere new, which came top in 2019. This reflects our newfound cautiousness about going abroad. Forbes recently announced the top three ‘best and safest destinations in Europe’ to be Ljubljana, Slovenia, Marbella, Spain and Amiens, France, so take a look at these destinations if you want to stay on the safe side.

Avoid the sun 

Dealchecker’s survey showed that sunshine is less important this year. Only 67% prioritised guaranteed sun in 2022, whereas 78% wanted a break in the sun in 2019. Booking a holiday somewhere cooler can be great value and perfect for avoiding the crowds. Cadiz in Spain has a localised micro-climate which means that, despite its location Spain’s south coast, Cadiz can be notably less heated in high summer than some of its near-neighbours. Geneva and Salzburg are also cooler, yet beautiful places to visit.

Value for money 

We are all feeling the pinch this year with soaring price of living costs, and spending too much on a holiday can add unwanted stress. dealchecker’s survey placed value for money above good weather or visiting new places in 2022. Each week, dealchecker’s real life travel comparison experts handpick their Real Deals for customers to snap up as quick as they can.

About dealchecker 

Founded in 2005, dealchecker is a UK-based travel comparison website, which enables customers to compare flight, holiday, hotel, cruise and car hire prices, alongside reliable and unbiased money-saving deals. For help finding your next relaxing holiday at the best possible price, visit 

In 2019, 1,110 dealchecker customers and subscribers completed the survey. In 2022, 1,440 customers, followers and subscribers completed the survey, answering the same questions for directly comparable results.  

MediaVision analysis shows that people still want to get abroad with the volume of online searches for ‘last-minute flights’ up 437% over June-July 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. 

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