HOME & GARDEN: Top Gardening Trends for 2023


With consumers becoming more empowered and eco-aware, we can expect to see more natural and recyclable products in gardens. Gardeners looking at reducing their carbon footprint on our planet will be looking for British-grown plants and locally-made products – both stocked widely by British Garden Centres.

We expect to see more plant pots made from recyclable materials such as ocean plastic, recyclable rubber and reclaimed waste on patios, balconies and gardens across the country. Solar-powered lights and water features, as well as cost-saving LEDs, will light up our outdoor spaces after dark. 

Following the unprecedentedly hot UK summer last year, it is thought that more warm weather can also be expected in 2023. The threat of a dry gardening season and lack of rain leaves gardeners old and new in a watering predicament of when to water, and what to plant. Watering plants using a watering can, bucket, or using rainwater from a water butt will become a regular occurrence and will prevent wasting water and help your plants thrive during the hot spells.


The biggest event this year is set to be King Charles’ coronation in May, and we expect to see trends from the celebration spread into our homes with households planting their gardens and containers in patriotic red, white and blue. 

His majesty has made no secret that his favourite plant is the Delphinium which he describes as magnificent and grew at Highgrove. King Charles is a well-known advocate for gardening so we think delphiniums which symbolise positivity, will be a popular choice for gardeners as he becomes the country’s next monarch.

Continuing the cottage core trend is the Queen Consort whose favourite plant is the Lady’s Mantle or Alchemilla Mollis with its attractive green crimped parasols of foliage and delicate yellow flowers. It makes an excellent ground cover and is ideal for cottage-style gardening which has continued to grow as people look to turn their homes and gardens into an idyllic conception of rural life. Expect to see the rise of cottage favourites and nostalgic plants like roses, lilac, hydrangea, and hollyhock too as the country prepares for its first coronation for over 70 years.

On December 1st, Pantone, the colour trend experts, revealed the highly anticipated colour of the year for 2023: ‘Viva Magenta’ which will dominate fashion, the home and the garden. Pantone describes the colour as “brave and fearless, a pulsating colour whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative” which we believe will transfer outdoors. 

We love pelargoniums which produce attractive dark magenta flowers, (as well as other colours) which are fit for the 2023 Pantone colour trend and will also appeal to wildlife lovers who want to bring pollinators to the garden.

Grow your own

Penny-saving planting will rise as household bills soar, so we expect to see more people growing their food in their gardens. Whether it be alpine strawberries or fresh herbs, whole summer salads to root vegetables and fruit, being self-sufficient will play a key part in 2023.

Growing your own not only provides a sustainable and convenient source of fresh produce, but also allows for greater control over the quality and safety of the food being consumed, and can be a fun, healthy and rewarding hobby.

Microgreens will also become a popular culinary trend because of their intense flavour, high vitamin content and ease and speed to grow – the perfect window-sill crop!

Outdoor living

There will be a strong focus on outdoor living and relaxation with space to entertain friends with the garden now viewed as an outdoor room or an extension of existing living space. Luxurious and sociable eating areas, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and decking will be must-haves for 2023. We also will see dining al-fresco become more and more popular with outdoor kitchens accompanying garden furnishings.

Wall art, outdoor mirrors, and garden décor are also taking off as homeowners decorate their outside with as much care and thought as their interior. Metallic accents are steadily gaining popularity and can add warmth or a focal point outdoors. To incorporate metallics into your garden aesthetic, try using wall mirrors with thin silver frames and use metal lanterns to enhance pathways or as table centrepieces.


Houseplants are extremely popular both as a hobby and as interior décor as they are renowned for adding texture to your space and can even improve your health. Biophilic design, which is all about incorporating nature into our homes through design, will continue to thrive as it has shown that it can make us healthier and more productive. Houseplants with attractive foliage will continue to trend like calatheas for their many different shapes and colours. With customers now looking for something new, there are over 100 cultivars to choose from to suit any room or taste. 

Oversized houseplants are due to make a statement in the home in 2023. Monstera or the Swiss Cheese Plant and palms will adorn dark corners of every room, whilst cacti and succulents will continue to thrive with novice gardeners and will remain popular and are easiest to grow.

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Author: Minerva Studio