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There are so many things to consider when searching for your ideal hot tub. Wayne & Becky Smith from Vici Hot Tubs explain more…

It’s a really exciting purchase and one that can bring you a lifetime of great therapies and enjoyment. This past year has seen so many people deciding to invest in their wellbeing and also improving their homes and gardens…The right spa can combine all of these in one purchase.

We are aware that there are so many varieties of hot tubs and an awful lot of misinformation, so it can seem quite a daunting task.

The average person will only purchase one or two spas in their life so it is hard to know what to ask when visiting a showroom.

If you look at your purchase the same way that you would as buying a new car it makes it a more understandable process.

The make, model and country of manufacture are all a consideration and these will have a bearing on what you can expect from your new spa. For example, true American spas tend to be little work horses, they will have less bling and more emphasis on the therapies that they offer the bather. They are designed with longevity, economical running costs and functionality in mind.

Hot tubs generally come in three varieties. Tubs that can run on a 13 & 20amp are very popular and are generally single pump spas. 

When looking at single pump models it is important to remember that more jets don’t equate to a better massage. The more jets the more the power from your spa’s pump will be defused, giving a lighter massage. It really is a less is more situation! 

Twin pump spas will generally require a 32amp power supply. They offer superb therapies and really pack a punch, ideal for people who require a deeper massage and stronger therapies.

When choosing the size of your hot tub consider looking ahead. 

Situations change and if you can fit in a slightly larger hot tub, you will see the benefit of having a larger choice in the therapies that your spa offers, as each seat should offer something different. It will also save you from having to upgrade.

We all come in different shapes and sizes. You wouldn’t buy a car without sitting in it and a hot tub is no different. If a spa is comfortable when empty, it will be a dream when its full of hot bubbly water! It’s a good idea to sit in a few different models and take a closer look at the build quality and features that each tub will offer. Something that isn’t a possibility when buying online.

When you purchase a hot tub from local dealer, you will be fully supported throughout the process and beyond.  We have been so lucky to have set up our business in a community like Frome, it has enabled us to build relationships with other local tradespeople such as landscapers, electricians, builders and Hiab companies. We regularly find ourselves on installations that without the “Nerves of Steel” attitude of our crane or hiab drivers just wouldn’t be possible! 

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