CLOSED: A luxurious Pain Relief Pillow Set Worth £54!

Luxurious Neck Pain Relief while you Sleep

The award winning, orthopaedically approved Groove Pillow® is designed to relieve neck pain by cradling the head and neck. Insufficient support and some sleep positions such as stomach sleeping can trigger pain in the neck and other areas of the spine. Based on the anatomy of the cervical (neck) and shoulder area, the Groove Pillow® includes a specially contoured dip in its orthopaedic memory foam that supports the neck area and facilitates neutral spinal alignment by guiding the upper body into a more comfortable sleeping position whether you lie on your back or are a side sleeper.

Teamed with the 50:50 Groove Classic Silk and Cotton Pillowcase, we’ve six Groove Pillow and pillowcase sets to giveaway worth £54 each.

Closing date: 30/08/23

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