WIN: A Henry vacuum cleaner!

Reliable classic brand Henry has brought out two new offerings in the home…

Henry Pet has all the great features of the Henry you know and love, with the added bonus of extra pet friendly features. Ready to remove stubborn pet hairs and reduce lingering pet odours, Henry Pet will become (almost) as important a part of the family as the furry-friends he’s cleaning up after.

Awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval, Henry Allergy is scientifically proven to reduce exposure to dust and pet-related allergens around the home.

We have one of each of these amazing vacuum cleaners to give away – specify the one you’d like to win with the Keyword ‘Henry Pet’ or ‘Henry Allergy’.

Competition closes 15/09/22 – Competition keyword is: ‘HENRY PET’ or ‘HENRY ALLERGY’

Minerva Studio
Author: Minerva Studio