WIN: A Pronteau Scandi-X 4 IN 1 Instant Hot Water Tap

Abode is offering you the chance to win an exclusive Pronteau Scandi-X 4 IN 1 instant hot water tap so you can enjoy 75 – 98° instant steaming hot water on demand!  

Pronteau Scandi-X is a 4 IN 1 instant hot water tap that provides access to domestic hot, domestic cold, filtered cold and steaming hot water via a 2-stage safety handle for optimum control and user safety. 

Delivering a unique style which is completely original to Abode, the new Pronteau Scandi-X presents a complete offer that is competitively priced and supplied with everything you need to start enjoying water the way you want it.

pronteau scandi-x tap

This incredible gift is worth over £900 and consists of one Pronteau Scandi-X 4 IN 1 steaming hot water tap in your choice of finish – Matt White, Scandi Grey or Matt Black – a PROBOIL under sink boiler and scale control filter. 

Real Beech wood handles provide a unique feature of Pronteau Scandi, which are perfectly in-line with the popular Scandi-style interior trends that demand premium, natural materials.

Now, you can benefit from instant steaming hot water on tap while benefitting from an ‘all Scandi’ interior as the new Pronteau Scandi-X 4 IN 1 is sensitively designed to bring forth the luxe characteristics of this popular style trend and rise of using natural materials in interior design.   

Find out more about the Pronteau taps here.

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Closing date 15/03/24

How to Enter

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