WIN: STIGA’s  First Ever Battery-powered Pruner!

STIGA , a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of gardening machinery and equipment, announces its first-ever battery-powered pruner, the SC 100e.  This will be available from the STIGA website from September 2023

Easy and efficient
The ergonomic design of the new STIGA SC 100e makes this battery pruner both functional and comfortable to use allowing you to work efficiently and quickly. Solid, well balanced and equipped with a non-slip handle, this latest generation pruner offers high safety security thanks to a button with an easy lock-off system and standby/lock-off software.

Innovation at its best
The SC 100e’s exceptional performance pruning capability adapts to the operator’s needs and to the task at hand. With an option to select from three blade opening settings, this allows the cutting and trimming of branches up to 3.0 cm in diameter. Its high-quality carbon steel blades are extremely sharp, and capable of making a clean and precise cut.

For every pruning need
The new STIGA battery-powered pruner is the ideal companion for a variety of pruning needs, for example, hedges, flowerbeds, and bushes, thanks to the STIGA ePower 20V 2 Ah battery.  This battery ensures intelligent energy management and autonomy of up to over 2,000 cuts on a single charge.

Shareable batteries
Designed to meet various needs and simplifying different gardening activities, the STIGA ePower 20V batteries can also be shared among a series of lightweight and easy-to-use tools. With the 20V system, the “intelligent” battery recognizes the product in which it is used and sets the appropriate working parameters autonomously. It adapts by optimising the operating range for each product, thus maximising battery life.

Listen to the silence!
Powerful, yet quiet thanks to STIGA ePower; the SC 100e pruner also features a 500W brushless motor that offers enhanced performance, greater efficiency, and durability than a traditional brushed motor.

The STIGA SC-100e will be available for purchase in September 2023

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