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The term “beauty sleep” actually has a lot of truth in it. During sleep, the body goes into a cycle of repair and renewal. Oi-Lin® Night Emulsion jump- starts and supports this natural process by synergising with the skin’s restorative powers. Its nutrient-rich formula provides maximum hydration, combining essential oils and herbal extracts, Vitamin E-rich wheat germ oil to protect against aging free radicals, and sodium hyaluronate that diminishes visible lines and targets future wrinkles. Apply it nightly to awaken to rejuvenated skin that looks softer, fresher, brighter, and smoother. 

Oi-Lin® Night Emulsion was created using the Philosophy of Regeneration®, the belief that we should use the best natural ingredients to nourish and cleanse the body—inside and out—to reach balance, and health. Oi-Lin® Night Emulsion works with the skin’s natural repair cycle and is pH balanced to preserve the skin’s protective acid mantle and encourage skin cells’ natural regeneration process.

Sunrider uses only skin-friendly ingredients from plant-based sources to nurture skin health and natural beauty. We never use PABA, which can cause allergic reactions, or benzophenones, which can cause contact dermatitis. We also never use mineral oil or other petroleum by-products or any animal-derived ingredients, which can clog pores and compromise the health and functioning of your skin. 

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