HOME & GARDEN: Your Autumnal Interior Style According to Your Star Sign

Autumn is upon us, and the UK is once again fuelled with pumpkin spiced lattes as they get ready for longer nights and shorter days. Here, Sylvia James at Housetastic.co.uk presents the personality traits of each star sign along with the characteristics of their autumnal interior style…

Aries star sign datesMarch 21 – April 19

An Aries is fiery, ambitious and knows what they want.  A natural leader, they are also kind, generous and intelligent.

An Aries loves to constantly expand their knowledge and like their home to serve as a space where they can grow their skillset.  A terrarium that stirs interest, promotes mindfulness, and serves as a centrepiece is perfect for an Aries.  Themed Terrariums are the latest trend this Autumn/Winter and an Aries is likely to alter it each festive season.

Taurus star sign dates: April 20 – May 20

A Taurus tends to spend most of their time deep in thought.  They often get mistaken for being lazy however, this is not the case as they like to fully analyse a situation before they commit to it.

A Taurus seeks sanctuary and views their home as their haven.   Adopting autumnal scatter cushions, weighted blankets and an array of pumpkin spiced candles is the norm for a Taurus.  This gives them the chance to centre themselves and think about the day ahead.

Gemini star sign datesMay 21 – June 20

Creative, spontaneous, and fun are all words that are synonymous with a Gemini.  A Gemini is always ‘on the go’ and requires constant mental stimulation. 

This Autumn, a Gemini will persevere with the lockdown trend of an at home gym.  A dedicated space to HIIT and weight training is likely as their gym serves as an opportunity to keep moving whilst providing mental stimulation.

Cancer star sign datesJune 21 – July 22

A Cancer thrives when they are surrounded by loved ones.  Sentimental and loyal are the perfect words to describe a Cancer as they are emotionally intelligent and loving.

A Cancer’s home will boast a perfect gallery wall that is filled with images of their loved ones.  Not confined to their staircase, you will find the trend dotted all over a Cancer’s home.

Leo star sign dates: July 23 – August 22

A Leo is unapologetically materialistic.  They often scour the likes of Instagram looking for the latest trends and are drawn to the finer things in life.  A Leo will often not buy what they like and instead save for what they love.

Luxurious clashing prints are sure to be on the agenda this Autumn.  Think mixing spots with stripes, leopard print with palms and dainty florals with chrome.

Virgo star sign datesAugust 23 – September 22

A Virgo holds high standards and is unlikely to compromise.  They are often perceived as graceful however, beneath the surface they are frantically working to get things done.  A Virgo likes to let their hair down and is always willing to try new things.

A Virgo is likely to adopt the indoor gardening trend.  They will learn all there is to know with regards to keeping different types of plants and will possess an array of palms, bonsais, and cacti.

Libra star sign datesSeptember 23 – October 22

A Libra receives great joy in purchasing new things and is the sign that is most likely to change the whole of their interior season to season.  They love new experiences, and they are very much willing to invest in what they love.

Adopting the neotenic style, a Libra will introduce soft and exaggerated proportions that is modern with retro elements.  This presents them with the opportunity to adapt their new furnishings with next seasons trends accordingly.

Scorpio star sign datesOctober 23 – November 21

A Scorpio is a friendship groups resident cool kid and is ‘in the know’.  A Scorpio knows the latest trends, when they are coming to an end and the next ones.  A Scorpio is not afraid to ‘show off’ and is very house proud.

A Scorpio will throw all the current interior trends together and make them work.  This Autumn, you are likely to see rattan, colour popping and clashing textures all under a Scorpios roof.

Sagittarius star sign datesNovember 22 – December 21

Always on the go, a Sagittarius loves the great outdoors and is very confident.  They love meeting new people, seeing new places and love to travel.

This seasons boho trend is made for a Sagittarius.  A/W 21 will see a Sagittarius incorporate lanterns, tasselled blankets, and natural fabrics.

Capricorn star sign dates: December 22 – January 19

A Capricorn ranks highest for pure grit and determination.  Self-confessed workaholics, they like to be rewarded for their achievements.  Most likely to be a millionaire, a Capricorn will deck their home in the latest designers that reflect their bold personalities and unique style.

Autumn is a Capricorns favourite time of year, and their furnishings reflect this.  Likely to invest in luxe candles with an autumnal scent, they will also invest in seasonal wreaths, golden toned velvets and elaborate but cosy leather chairs.

Aquarius star sign datesJanuary 20 – February 18

Articulate and creative, an Aquarius is likely to be spiritual and fully informed on the latest mindfulness trends.  Incredibly thoughtful, an Aquarius is happiest around friends in a calm environment.

The home of an Aquarius will be set up depending on the cycle of the moon with crystals taking centre stage.  You are likely to find several books dotted around with journals and salt lamps.

Pisces star sign dates: February 19 – March 20

A Pisces lives in a dreamworld and finds it difficult to separate fantasy from reality. They are intuitive, trust their gut feeling and deep rooted in their emotions.

A Pisces will turn their home into an autumnal dreamworld, changing it several times throughout the season.  Full on Halloween displays are standard. Once Halloween is over, they will move on to seasonal wreaths, candles, orange tones and pampas grass.

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