BRISTOL: Triumph at GCSE for Badminton School students 

Despite the disruption to their first year of GCSE studies, Badminton School Year 11 pupils have once again triumphed in their GCSE examinations with an impressive 43% of all grades awarded at grade 9 and 32% of pupils achieving straight 9 – 8 grades, a record number achieving this feat at Badminton in the past 5 years…

 The Year 11 pupils at Badminton continue to excel in the STEM subjects: 100% of grades awarded in Further Maths were at grade 8 or 9 and over 75% of grades awarded in the Sciences, Mathematics and Computing were at grade 8 or 9. 

Outside of the classroom this GCSE cohort have truly seized the opportunities presented by the lifting of COVID restrictions and the return to in-person learning. Nastasja from Bristol, who is going on to study Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry at A Level, explained how being part of the School’s Science Outreach Team has enabled her to be more aware of, and connected to, the wider scientific community. She comments: “From getting to know the members of World of Physics at WOMAD Festival, to seeing young children get excited over liquid nitrogen at our travelling science shows, being part of the Science Outreach Team has offered me an opportunity to expand connections and be more present in our community.” 

Other pupils also embraced the opportunity to develop their skills base and understanding of the workplace as they undertook work experience observing proceedings at Bristol Crown Court, following doctors in local hospitals and working on local radio. Nikki and Hannah, both from Bristol, said this about their work experience shadowing a Judge at Bristol Crown Court: “We were hugely appreciative of the unique insight this opportunity provided as we were able to learn about court proceedings in person, meaning we could grasp a deeper understanding of the reasoning behind certain aspects.” 

Mr Dalley, Acting Head, said: ‘Being the first cohort to return to the usual routine of examinations and with so much disruption over the last three years, with many studying online and in different time zones around the world, these outstanding set of results are testament to the resilience and hard work of Year 11. They haven’t let the trials of previous years hold them back and for this, and the hard work and dedication they have shown in abundance, I am extremely proud.” 

Minerva Studio
Author: Minerva Studio