HOME & GARDEN: When Artisan Meets Michelin Star

British home decor brand Dowsing & Reynolds has enlisted the help of Michelin-starred chef Michael O’Hare to design a limited-edition collection of handmade porcelain pendant lights.

Available exclusively at Dowsing & Reynolds, the collection features 50 lights that have been hand-poured by artisan ceramic specialists Laverick & Son at their studio in the Staffordshire Moorlands countryside. 

Each pendant light has been individually hand-painted by acclaimed chef Michael O’Hare, owner of The Man Behind The Curtain restaurant in Leeds. Using black porcelain slip and a variety of techniques, including spoon drips and brush flicks, the finished, abstract effect features a signature ‘X’ with the added charm of a smiley face motif.

Michael’s statement style that he features on many dishes, as well as the snowboards on display in his restaurant, was a key influence on James’ decision to collaborate with the chef. 

James explained, “I’ve known Michael for a few years and it’s not just his culinary journey that I’ve been inspired by, but his no-nonsense, rebellious attitude to design and life in general. Anything goes!

“I knew by collaborating with him we’d get something truly unique and by allowing him to have the creative freedom to paint the lights however he felt like on the day, we’d manage to create something raw and remarkable. The lights push design boundaries and I know they’ll be great conversation starters.”

The collaboration is a first for Dowsing & Reynolds which specialises in lighting and design-led fixtures and fittings. Stepping away from the statement metallic finishes synonymous with the brand’s existing portfolio, the new collection has allowed owner and product designer James Dowsing-Reynolds to expand into the softer, more organic world of ceramic design, but with a twisted edge. 

James added, “The crispness of porcelain and ceramic has always intrigued me and I’ve been wanting to take something traditional and create the unexpected. I love contrasts so by combining the traditional British artisan craft of hand-poured porcelain with abstract art, that’s exactly what we’ve tried to achieve.”

Tony and Jack Laverick have over 40 years of experience working with porcelain. In early 2020 they moved into a converted barn studio on a working dairy farm where they use locally-sourced clay and practice traditional methods. The energy used to power their studio comes from a combination of wind turbines, solar panels and biomass fuel. 

Jack Laverick, 28, commented, “Our specialty and passion lies within ceramic and porcelain lighting so it’s really exciting to have been asked by James to work with him and Michael on this new collection. 

“Michael has such a unique style that there’s a sense of attitude to the lights that makes them incomparable to other designs we’ve seen elsewhere or produced ourselves.”

The limited edition collection will be available exclusively, while stocks last, at dowsingandreynolds.com.

Price: £324.99

Dowsing & Reynolds
Author: minervadigi