EDUCATION: “I love reading!”

I love books! Top tips for supporting your child with phonics.

I love books! Standing by a little table of books in a book shop is one of my favourite past times; narrowing choices down by reading multiple blurbs and then venturing into the first page to see which book grabs my attention. Bliss!

At the moment book browsing is online, but it has made me think about where that love of reading comes from. Books can be a great source of joy and even take the reader to a curious new world. However, the process of actually learning to read is both carefully planned and systematic; systematic phonics is an approach in itself which is taught in the Early Years

Both observing and teaching daily phonics lessons can be such a joy. The journey a child goes on to learn to read is incredibly exciting for the child, parent and teacher.

It really is a team effort. Here are some top tips for supporting your child with phonics:

  • remember that all children learn at different rates so don’t worry! When learning letter sounds with your child help to support and build knowledge at a rate that works for your child and with guidance from school
  • make sure the phonic sounds you are making match those being taught e.g a short clipped ‘b’ sound rather than a ‘bu’
  • it is about modelling too – make sure all members of the household model themselves as readers – from reading the newspaper to talking about signs when you’re out for a walk
  • keep the joy alive by reading to your child regularly and enjoying books together. Bring stories to life with puppets, actions, even a song or dance! Let them know what a treat they have in store when they learn to read themselves

Happy reading!

by Sheina Wright, Head of Embley Prep.

Minerva Studio
Author: Minerva Studio