DEVIZES: Christmas shopping all wrapped up

There’s more to us than Muesli! The Healthy Life in Devizes is one of those shops where you pop in for some muesli or your supplements – and end up half an hour later still browsing, and with a click and collect online option of over 12,000 items this is a real gem in the middle of town.  We spoke to owner Justina about what it offers…

You have been here for a long time and have a loyal following and new customers each day too, what is the best part of running the shop?

The shop has been in town for over 40 years, I’ve owned it for 11.  We have an incredibly loyal following and it seems new people are dropping by more and more, yet we still get people who have never been in, or think all we do is supplements and muesli. We are in fact a lifestyle store covering all aspects of health and wellbeing, sustainability, food, gifts, and products that are not only good for you but also for the planet.

The best part of running my shop is living and working within the community, working with my staff and of course the range of chocolate!

There is a lot of research that goes on behind the scene so that we can curate a mix of products that contain no parabens, harsh chemicals, and are gentle for your body and don’t cost the EARTH.

The planet, and how we treat it, is very high on the new year agenda – you offer a great refill service, tell us more...

We have sold refills in one form or another since the store began 40 years ago. A couple of years ago we increased our offering to over 200 dry goods and 26 liquid refills. This equates to many hundreds of thousand single use plastic bags and tens of thousands of plastic bottles. Not only is it much cheaper than supermarkets, it’s ideal for larger and individual households because you can buy exactly what you need, with no waste.

As an industry Health Stores and Lifestyle shops are ahead of the curve, always, adapting to change with innovation and product mix.

With COP26 people are beginning to wake up to their own sustainable journey and shops like ours up and down the country are here to help.

What is your current favourite ‘find’ of all the products that you have on offer, both online and in the shop? Online currently our range of Christmas food and advents calendars, in the shop our Gin refill service and Tony’s chocolate and our fabulous pop-up gift shop located on the first floor.

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