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Merci Maman Unveils ‘Written By You’ Collection for Mother’s Day

Renowned French jewellery brand, Merci Maman, is set to enchant customers this Mother’s Day with the launch of its innovative ‘Written By You’ collection. Inspired by the timeless bond between a mother and child, this exclusive collection offers a heartfelt and personalised way to celebrate the cherished moments of motherhood.

At the heart of the ‘Written By You’ collection lies a unique concept customers have the opportunity to immortalise their child’s handwritten message on a delicate pendant disc. This distinctive offering allows for a deeply personal touch, capturing the essence of the relationship between mother and child in an elegant and timeless piece of jewellery.

We are thrilled to introduce our ‘Written By You’ collection in time for Mother’s Day,” says Claire Roqueplo, CMO of Merci Maman. “We understand the importance of meaningful gestures in expressing love and appreciation for mothers everywhere. With this collection, we aim to create truly unforgettable pieces that embody the special connection between mother and child.”

Customers can easily participate in this personalised experience by simply uploading a scanned image of their child’s handwritten message on the brand’s website. The skilled artisans at Merci Maman, will then meticulously engrave the message onto a pendant disc, available in sterling silver, 18k gold, or rose gold, ensuring a luxurious and bespoke finish. Not just for children of course, the brand can engrave any message, be it from your grandmother or your own other.

The ’Written By You’ collection offers a range of round pendant sizes to suit every style and preference. Each piece is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, reflecting Merci Maman’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and quality.

As Mother’s Day approaches, the ‘Written By You’ collection presents an unparalleled opportunity to celebrate the incomparable love and bond between mothers and their children. Whether as a heartfelt gift for a beloved mother or a cherished keepsake for oneself, these personalised pendants are destined to become cherished treasures for generations to come.

The ’Written By You’ collection is available to purchase exclusively online from 15th February 2024. Prices start from £89.

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Author: minervadigi