LATER LIFE: Elderly care at home through the changing of the seasons

As the days begin to lengthen and we see the first signs of spring, our companions continue to offer consistent and continuous care.

As it’s usually the same carer each visit, strong friendships often form. One relative summed up the importance of this friendship for her auntie:  “She now has her ‘friends’ that come in for a cuppa and a chat, they help with her household chores and take her out for coffee and cake! It’s been wonderful to see how her relationship with her carer has grown to the point that she feels completely comfortable to do household chores together whilst enjoying each other’s company.”   

The niece of a client reports: “Seniors Helping Seniors have been especially helpful during these difficult months in lockdown. My great aunt would have been so alone, frightened and confused. With the regular support of Seniors Helping Seniors she’s managing better than we could have hoped for.”  

For some of our elderly clients, our support with shopping, cooking, cleaning, dog walking, laundry and of course companionship has been essential over the past year.  Our carers have stepped in when family have been unable to visit.   

Creative ways of seeing family such as WhatsApp are used when possible to connect clients with family members, whatever is needed to perk people up. 

Life goes on, more complex yes, but still to be en-joyed as best we can with a smile and a “can do” philosophy.

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