TAUNTON: Wellness Centre opens in Famous Somerset Manor

The historic farm of George Parsons, land manager for the  Lord Lieutenant of Somerset Viscount Edward Portman,  seems to have been given a new lease on life as Laguna Beach Californian Matt Miller and local Stoke Sub Hamdon native James Jeffery embark on a mission to fill their new home with education, community and wellbeing...

Rather than sitting in the hilltop estate overlooking the South Somerset countryside all alone , they had a vision to bring it to life with bijou events and wellness activities that celebrate local teachers, healers and artisans in a refined and luxurious space.

Among the creative workshops are intimate cookery courses in the newly restored Georgian kitchen and pantry. Matt is a French trained chef formerly of the Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach and brings a light and healthy California touch to a cleverly considered historical look at 15th and 16th century English recipes.  

And this Christmas season we are looking forward to their inspired events like holiday cookie baking, professional tree decorating, and hand made ornament making just to name a few. 

Wellness also takes shape in the restored dairy with holistic classes like gentle yoga, pilates and even fitness yoga. The candlelit space is divine,  but what we are really obsessed with is the complimentary smoothies, teas and vegan protein bliss balls after class.  It definitely makes the sweat worth it!

It is a treasure to be invited into their home for a taste of proper hospitality and you will not be disappointed. 

For events and info www.newcrossfarmhouse.com . Anyone in the community with a special craft wishing to host event please contact howdoyoudo@newcrossfarmhouse.com

Minerva Studio
Author: Minerva Studio